Richard Bowers

and The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain

Stills from video "Writing...receiving"

"The 'noise' you hear is the sound of freedom."

Look and Listen:

The History of Law and Order
The History of Law and Order 1, 2, 3, 4

3 performances in York (25/3/11):

'Revolution by Night' on limited edition CD 'Music for a Revolution'. More info at 

Video of Pandaemonium produced by Peter Telfer at Culture Colony. Watch a clip...

Artificial head recordings.


'Oil' (broadcast on BBC's Mixing It 3/2/06)
'Oboe 1996' (diffused - Electroacoustic Wales, University of Wales, Bangor 11/01)
'In the Spring'
'Passion' (draft)
'Of Landscapes'
'Incident 2' (for 'Sounds recorded for an empty nightclub" diffusion and CD curated by HOST artists group, Sheffield)
'Creation Myth'
'Invocation' (derived from 'Nocturne' for "Works for Peace", Sheffield)
'Autoharp 1'
'Hymn' (broadcast on Resonance FM 16/10/05 for European Radio Day: repeated 02/11/05)

'Swastika Nights'

'Reichmann Berlin 1'
(for 'Sounds Electric '05' festival 03/12/05)
'In Memoriam RB' (audio component of mixed media sculpture produced for 'Reworked' - Washington Gallery, 2006)

'7 Intermezzos': [1][2][3][4][5][6][7] (Broadcast on 209Radio, Cambridge, Feb 2006 and released in part on their CD "you are listening"): [buy from] See also 'Brave New Wales' CD.

you are listening cd cover

Sample from installation.

'11 years of minutes'

"11 Years of Minutes"















still from my england

still from departure

still from orpheus

'my england'
- (selected for National Eisteddfod 2006)


From 'Nocturne'
(visuals: Ian Watson - sound: Richard Bowers)

Still from video "Nocturne"

'Pandaemonium' - clip from performance at Chapter Arts.


article1 - realtime
article2 - FOG
article3 - Sightsonic
article4 - Marginalia
designs1 - sculpture
designs2 - graphic score
review - Nocturne CD from musings 
programme - sounds electric 05
programme - In Memoriam RB


ANNEXE: 'Atlas' at Tactile Bosch during Eisteddfod week.

A with Atlas

'Thaw': Atrium, 13th June. Video clip viewable here.

Talk and reception for 'Marginalia Prt. 2' at the School of Psychology - Friday, 6th June at 4.45 pm.

'Oil II' at Art Radio, Cornerhouse, Manchester. (July 11th).

'Oil II' at Futuresonic: Soundnetwork page


[Review at University Site].

'Supporting Creativity': Arts Council for Wales logo

The project is documented here. [With support from Arts Council of Wales and School of Psychology, Cardiff].

A Song for Europe:

Gwilly Edmondez and Richard performed A Song for Europe at the AVFest08 in Newcastle University's CultureLab on March 1st and 2nd. This work took the form of a performance installation, based on Artaud's 'To have done with the judgement of God', using extended vocal techniques and digital processing. This piece will be developed further and presented elsewhere. [Part of the 'Music and Machines VIII: Broadcast' conference.] An excellent video by David Float was to be found at

Gwilly Edmondez: Pandaemonium

'Oil IIb'

An improvisation for violin and electronics. Soloist: Valerie Pearson. First performance took place on 20th June in the Cockpit at St. Fagan's Folk Museum (audio) with a second performance that evening at Chapter, Cardiff (audio). The piece shall be developed further. 

'The Fall of the House of Usher'

Film accompaniment with Ian Watson and Matthew Lovett first performed on 20th June at Chapter, Cardiff as part of the 'Hawks' improv night. Audio file here (note that there is about 3 minutes silence at the start). This commemorates the 200th anniversary of Poe's birth.

Still from 'La Chute de la Maison d'Usher'


Photo © Cathy Boyce 2008.

'Pandaemonium' - performance with Gwilly Edmondez for Experimentica '08 at Chapter - 16th October. 9.30pm.

Peter Telfer has produced a video of the events at Experimentica, including Pandaemonium, and a clip is available here.

CD release:

'Brave New Wales' is 4 hours of challenging music spread over 3 discs, with 32 page booklet, housed in a custom foil-embossed box. Limited edition of 1000. 

Brave New Wales CD

Available from Fourier Transform 



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pure data
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washington gallery
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school of psychology 
canfas gallery
jon whitaker
tactile bosch

lilypond music engraving


Work in progress:

'Goat Song'

A work of unknown form and uncertain content.

It shall concern itself with the relationships between words and images.

It shall certainly use materials gathered in Shanghai (thanks to Joanne Fong for permission to use field recordings and photographs gathered during the lead up to 'Bridge' at the Xintiandi Festival).

It will most likey use techniques developed in this project ...


Working title 'Invocation'. This ACW-funded R+D involved Elena Piras (vocals) and Katie Stevens (woodwind) in research toward a piece that would evolve music in an installation over a period of time with contributions from an arbitrary group of musicians.

ACW Lottery Logo

The Velvet Lantern Project:

VL VIb: 'Blow Up Cardiff'

Still from Blow Up Cardiff

Artist's Statement [pdf]

VL V: 'Before the Fall'

Using material from both the stories, compositions and lives of Edgar Allan Poe and Chopin and working in material from the film 'The Fall of the House of Usher' by Epstein. It shall draw upon my own work from 15 years or so.

This piece was started during a residency at G39. This residency marked a return to physical materials in my work.

before the fall

A piano was activated by modified loudspeakers (see In Slower Motion below) and the sound captured live, processed and distrubuted through three guitar amplifiers. You can hear a clip here.

VL VI: An essay on Michelangelo Antonioni's 1966 film, 'Blow-Up'

Photography is truth. And the cinema is truth 24 times a second.” - Bruno Forestiere in Le Petit Soldat (JL Godard 1960).


This is a film under a microscope shown at Experimentica 2015, Chapter, Cardiff. A short clip can be seen here.

VL IV - Manuscript - In Slower Motion.

This installation was commissioned by Fourth Wall . Pedwaredd Wal CIC for the Outcasting : Fourth Wall Festival 2014. Review and video at CCQMag. Artist's statement here.

In Slower Motion

ACW logo

O4W logo

Cardiff Contemporary logo

VL III. 'Tricolour: the Passion of Joan of Arc' (for Experimentica 2013). With support from Cardiff School of Psychology.

Read the blog at Experimentica

Excerpts at youtube

Reviews at CCQMagazine and HyperCritic

VL II: 'Ceremony - a Hymn to the Night' - voice/electronics/video for Chapter's Experimentica12. Collaborator/performer: Caroline Pugh. Facebook event page.


Video document from New Frontiers Project for Culture Colony: Exit from Ceremony

'The Velvet Lantern I.iii' - Fixed media (video with sound) presented at re:animate exhibition, Davis Memorial Gallery, Newtown.

Reanimate catalogue cover

'The Velvet Lantern I.ii' was presented for the first time at SAW, Sonic Artists in Wales', March 2010. This version is for video/audio with live control (no performers).

'The Velvet Lantern I.i' - performers: Gwilly Edmondez, Caroline Pugh and Ludo Bunel; visuals and design: Richard Bowers; sound: Richard Bowers with Ian Watson. Performed: Experimentica09 at Chapter, 13th November 2009. Short video was available at Culture Colony -