Richard Bowers and the Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain.

The Velvet Lantern Part II: Ceremony



The Velvet Lantern series:

I was fortunate to have been given a reel of 35mm film containing highlights from the 1940 Oscar ceremony at which Vivien Leigh received the Best Actress award for her role in Gone With the Wind. The reel contained other material including a segment from The Wizard of Oz. This footage prompted me to create a performance piece around some of the conventions of this annual event: the sycophantic and emotional speeches; the almost regal approaches to the stage; the pre-recorded acceptance speeches. The performance moved from celebration to adoration as the performer collapses before an image of the sun bursting through the clouds from the scene where Dorothy sings 'Over the Rainbow'. The source film was scanned in a variety of ways to create a dysfunctional backdrop to a dysfunctional ceremony. This was the second part of The Velvet Lantern.

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